Hello to you all! This is my site: this is my stuff: knock yourself out! Check me out on bandcamp if you like...

Featured Page: Behave by Chumbawamba, Annotated!

I hope to have a page about Ireland's punk music, past and present , soon.

I have other writing and art I'd like to make public in here -- mostly to do with the topics listed above. I have two fan-fiction stories that I'd quite like to post here, as well as some articles about music (including The Clash, Huggy Bear and the Shangri-La's). I've had a plan for a Morrissey Racism Timeline for a number of years now: If I can assemble all the condemning evidence, I'll try and post it here, maybe with some of my other writing about Morrissey and The Smiths. I think that's about all you can expect -- I'll keep you all posted!

- N (AKA ACF), this site's owner/operator.