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St Patrick's Day Punk

AKA: Puncaí na hÉireann.

  1. Published on the 17th of March, 2021
  2. A playlist of punk music from Ireland, not Celtic punk or Irish punk or whathaveyou.

  3. Tracklist

      1. Burn It Down - Dexy's Midnight Runners
      2. Turkish Song of the Damned - The Pogues
      3. There's A Fish On Top of Shandon (Swears He's Elvis) - Five Go Down To The Sea?
      4. Going Norway - Girl Band
      5. Knocknaheeny Shuffle - Five Go Down To The Sea?
      6. Television Screen - The Radiators From Space
      7. Teenage Kicks - The Undertones
      8. Trash Glam Baby - The Boomtown Rats
      9. Rats - Pillow Queens
      10. Twinkle - Whipping Boy
      11. Justa Nother Teenage Rebel - The Outcasts
      12. My Perfect Cousin - The Undertones
      13. Liberty Bell (single version) - Fontaines DC
      14. Humane - Microdisney
      15. Territory (single version) - Gender Chores
      16. The Sick Bed of Cúchulainn - The Pogues
      17. ¡No Pasarán! (Are You Getting The Picture) - Paranoid Visions
      18. 464 - Microdisney
      19. The Glee Club - Five Go Down To The Sea?
      20. Barbed Wire Love - Stiff Little Fingers
      21. Like Clockwork - The Boomtown Rats
      22. John Wayne - Rocky DeValera And The Rhythm Kings
      23. Neon Heart - The Boomtown Rats
      24. Lost Decade - Rats Blood
      25. An Bhfuil Tú Sásta? - Paranoid Visions
      26. Gotta Getaway - Stiff Little Fingers
      27. You're A Disease - The Outcasts
      28. Stupid Kid - Sultans of Ping FC
      29. Mars Bars - The Undertones
      30. Kick Me With Your Leather Boots - Sultans of Ping FC
      31. Self Conscious Over You - The Outcasts
      32. Rat Trap - The Boomtown Rats
      33. Song of Co-Aklan - Cathal Coughlan
      34. Downmarket - The Blades
      35. Save My Soul - Panik Attaks
      36. Loftholdingswood - Microdisney
      37. Alternative Ulster - Stiff Little Fingers

    Bonus Tracks

    These are songs or performances of songs which are not on Spotify but which I think deserve to be on the playlist.

    Theme for Thought - The Virgin Prunes (1979, RTÉ One)
    I don't know how or why the Virgin Prunes ended up on
    The Late Late Show, but I'm glad they did.
    Song of the Faithful Departed - The Radiators
    In glorious potatovision, it's the Radiators, having dropped the
    "From Space" to reflect their growing artistic maturity.
    Or so I assume. This is probably their best-known song
    due to a cover by folk singer Christy Moore.
    I kid about the name,but they do demonstrate
    a real maturity here with this cutting critique of
    Ireland's national myths.
    Only Losers Take The Bus
    Cathal Coughlan and the Fatima Mansions perform
    one of their great singles in a music video
    filmed in the Cork Synagogue.
    Sail And Rail - Sissy ft. Radie Peat
    A massive audio-visual assault on the
    power of the Catholic Church in Ireland.
    I think this video sums up the movement
    for abortion rights in Ireland for me,
    and it makes me cry every time I watch it.
    A must-watch.