Text Sources:

Transcription of all lyrics and the article are my own.

Information Sources:

The contents of the annotations came from a number of different sources,

many of which are linked in the annotations. Here are citations for the unsourced claims:

Bob Wooler and the Beatles

The Beatles Bible page about Paul McCartney's 21st birthday (and their page about John Lennon and Brian Epstein's holiday) was a major source for this annotation, as was this article from Slate.com.

Jason Donovan, FROCS and the Face

Jason's Technicolour Life, a 2012 article from the Sydney Morning Herald, available online.

Out, Damned Spot, a slightly unpleasant Spectator article from 1991.

Pills and Soap, a 1999 interview with Jason from the Guardian. ,/p>

The Trouble and Strife Reader, which features Homocult and FROCS in the same paragraph.

The Gay Times Media Watch archives provided context on the media climate around gayness in the early 90s, and this article and this article gave me some information about the "outing", the lawsuit and the media reaction to both.

Shaun Ryder and the Happy Mondays

Hit Factories provides a source for Shaun Ryder smashing something in the Dry Bar. The incident is also depicted in the film 24 Hour Party People.


Information about Southern Studios comes from their website . Information about Neil Ferguson comes from the Chumbawamba FAQ, archived with the Wayback Machine. Information about Steven "Seething" Wells comes from a variety of sources, primarily the many obituaries he received online (as collected in this archived blog post by fellow music journalist Everett True.

Code Sources:

Some important code used in this section of my site was cribbed from W3Schools, particularly the code used for the index at the top of each page and the code for the buttons on the Lyrics page. The code used for the footnotes on the Article page come from Stack Overflow, it's the second answer down.


I began my internet music nerdery career writing annotations for songs on Genius Lyrics , which also covers the odd piece of prose. Perhaps it would have been easier to enter all this information into their pre-existing software, and post it on a site with an existing fanbase, but I haven't used Genius in a good long while. Anyway, I saw their CEO on This is America with Sacha Baron Cohen and he didn't seem like a great guy. I don't want to make him money.

Half Man Half Biscuit are a "comedy" band whose lyrics are stuffed with allusions, references and samples. An army of their fans have dedicated themselves to transcribing and analysing their song lyrics, at the Half Man Half Biscuit Lyrics Project website. See also the Half Man Half Biscuit Homepage.

The Queer Music Heritage website provided indirect inspiration for this site. I admire the amount of information available there, the subjects it covers and the kitschy, old-fashioned design of the site.

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