Misbehave: The Annotated Lyrics

NB: This transcript is incomplete, and names are given only based on what I can hear. If you think any of these names are incorrect, or know one of the missing names, please contact me.

Verse One: Cynthia Payne, Gene Vincent, Bet Lynch, Chris Nelson, Bernadette Devlin, Mr Brian Epstein, Poly Styrene, Brendan Behan, Arthur Seaton, ?, Tommy Smith, ?, ?, Bertolt Brecht, Yvonne Pawlett, Georgie Best, Lenny Bruce, Anna Mendelssohn, Hilary Creek, Malcolm McLaren, ?, ?, ? Anaïs Nin, John Lennon, Mark Chapman, Suzy Creamcheese, Sirhan Sirhan, Laura Palmer, Number 6, Judas Iscariot, Shirley Pitts

Chorus: Now we've come for your children We're going to kidnap your children We're going to brainwash your children And sell them to the devil

Verse Two: Bill Drummond, Jimmy Cauty, Johnny Cash, George Oghani, Derek Jarman, Billy Casper, ?, Frances Farmer, Harry Roberts, Bob and Terry, Shirley Valentine, Mark Perry, Julia Grant, ?, Mark Clark, R.P McMurphy, Klinger, ?, Jimmy Reed, Chuck D, Valerie Solanas, Clara Bowe, Minnie the Minx, Nestor Makhno, Bobby Sands, Ari Up, Eddie Yeats, Robert Mapplethorpe, ?, Simone de Beauvoir, Jello Biafra, ?

Chorus x 2

Fletcher, Godber, Salome, Delilah, Oscar Wilde, Diamanda Galas, ?, Dennis the Menace, Harry Goldthorpe, Mairéad Farrell, Cynthia Plaster Caster, Tank Girl, Viv Nicholson, Mark Baker, Michael Clark, Lee Miller, Malcolm X, ?, Johnny Rotten, ?, Vivienne Westwood, Lydia Lunch, Jesse Owens, Roddy Marsh, Susie Bright, Josephine Baker, Mandy Rice Davies, Lucifer, Cicciolina, ?, Bart Simpson, Leslie Woods


Demons, fags, hardcore slags, class war mad dog pervert shags, looters, stealers, lifters, rioters, scumbag rebel prizeless fighters, banged-up mashed-up needy whores, ? big sissies, evil-doers, dirty sleazy, sexy saviours, funky funky misbehavers.